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Dealing DataStore

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The DEALING DATASTORE system records and stores all printed output from EBS and/or Reuters Dealing 2000 and 3000. This output (conversation and ticket) is stored on an optical disk (DVD±R) for safety and security reasons. This technology ensures that no change or alteration of the stored data is possible. The legal requirements in many countries to file all trading data for a lengthy period of time is covered completely by this function. All stored data is easily retrievable by simple, uncomplicated user screens, similarity to the conversation and ticket format.

  • Obliteration of paper filing of printed conversations and tickets from the dealing system
  • Support for a paper less and faster operation in the back office
  • Parallel retrieval access from front office and back office (multi-user environment)
  • Conversation-Summary sorted for Conversation of Dealing 2000-1,2000-2 and 3000 Broadcast, confirmed and unconfirmed
  • Ticket-Summary sorted for 2000-1, 2000-2, Aggressor, Non Aggressor,
    and EBS Maker and Taker
  • Faster verification of deals, using direct access to conversation/ticket for any trade
  • Output of different summary lists for better statistical calculation or improved personnel management, reducing manual screening of printed conversations
  • SQL statement may be used to select any statistical data from the data warehouse
  • High storage capacity on optical disk (DVD±R, 4.3 GB or 8.5 GB = up to 30 mil. conversations)
  • Highest security level due to WORM technology, no alteration possible
  • Detection of missing conversation
  • Substitution of all printers possible
  • Extension to store EBS Deal Tickets is also available without any additional interface

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