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Central Backoffice

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  • Real-time capturing of all output from any Reuters 2000/3000 or EBS dealing server
  • Only one networked Gateway-Archive PC required, regardless of the number of deal codes (dealing server) at each trading floor (standard configuration)
  • Application fully installed, tested and integrated into local network by our engineering team. User training is also provided ( only 20 minutes required)
  • No additionally installation or update work necessary
  • No change of Reuters or EBS dealing server application required
  • SQL database for easy access and management
  • Fast and easy retrieval of all stored data from any client workstation of front-, middle- and back office users, controlled by user profile and password
  • User access can be granted or denied for each deal code separately
  • Remote access possible to any other trading floor via internal network LAN/WAN
  • Export function of trades to other applications via network or other interfaces (DEALEX, KONDOR+, MUREX, OMR, SUMMIT, SUNGARD, WALLSTREET etc.).
  • Optional capture, storage and export of credit listing (Reuters, EBS) to support RISK control
  • Local storage on optical disk (DVD±R) for maximum data security at network server, capacity of 4.3 GB or 8.5 GB
  • Optional conversation/deal verification (conversation analysis). Easy identification for confirmed conversation, Aggressor/Non Aggressor trade, Maker/Taker for EBS trade.
  • Automatic daily report output provides for effective system verification.
  • Daily report includes verification of reference numbers for tickets and conversations, detects missing documents.
  • Missing document reference numbers are marked for reprint to prevent loss of documents.
  • Reprinted documents are stored with their document date.
  • Remote help desk link via modem for fast support and system upgrades.
  • Control of real-time data transfer from each dealing server from any client workstation.
  • Printers can be eliminated resulting in office space and other savings, as well as reduced noise levels.
  • Data mining for better personnel planing

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